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Levelup Social embarked on a multifaceted promotional journey with Tastee Spoon, identifying key areas that required innovation and strategic content revamping.​

Email Marketing Revitalization:

   - Implemented a robust email marketing strategy, enveloping subscribers in a world of exclusive updates and irresistible offers, driving both anticipation and direct engagement from a previously untapped audience base.

Menu & Aesthetic Overhaul:


Media Engagement with a Technological Twist:

   - Captured media interest by showcasing innovative 'robot server' assistance, elevating the staff’s ability to provide more personalized interactions and setting Tastee Spoon apart from competitors.

Immersive Monthly Photo Narratives:

   - Instituted regular, professional photo shoots, creating a visual smorgasbord featuring enticing dishes, signature cocktails, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of staff and satisfied diners.


- Transformed the traditional menu into a visual journey, emphasizing the eclectic dishes and infusing a story into every meal choice, thus enhancing the tangible connection between diner and cuisine.​

Dynamic Social Media Content & Influencer Integration:

   - Revolutionized Tastee Spoon's social media presence with high-quality, engaging content, capturing the restaurant's essence and day-to-day vibrancy.

   - Forged strategic alliances with influencers, expanding the restaurant’s reach and leveraging trusted voices to resonate with a broader audience.

Strategic Web Presence and SEO:

   - Overhauled the website with a keen focus on user experience and SEO, leading to improved online visibility and an influx of new patrons intrigued by the digital footprint echoing the restaurant’s unique ambiance.

Community Building via Social Media:

   - Accelerated online community building, growing a loyal fan base of 15K followers through strategic engagement, thereby cementing Tastee Spoon's place in the heart of social conversations.

The Results

- Tastee Spoon enjoyed a 30% quarterly revenue boost, directly linked to these innovative strategies.

- The restaurant's enhanced online and physical presence led to it being perceived not just as a dining location but as a cultural experience, drawing crowds beyond Dunwoody.

- The introduction of tech-assisted service was a resounding success, striking a balance between efficiency and the personal touch essential in hospitality.

At LevelUp, we provide a wide range of marketing tools that help you expand your market reach while targeting the customers you want. We deliver measured results that reflect your brand and help you reach your goals.

We use data to capture your target audience. Understanding your customer and their needs is the only way to gain and retain loyal customers. Once you have them, yes there is more to be done but it starts with understanding what they really need and want. We can help.

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