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Marketing In The Face Of Crisis

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

It Is Stressful Enough To Be In This State Of Unease, Let Alone Be An Entrepreneur Whose Business Must Continue To Create Revenue To Stay Alive.

The globe is currently in a state of significant unrest as the pandemic overtakes every country and consumes daily thought. Individuals are focused on remaining healthy, keeping in touch with loved ones, and supporting their families.

It is stressful enough to be in this state of unease, let alone be an entrepreneur whose business must continue to create revenue to stay alive.

COVID-19 has placed many entrepreneurs into an incredibly tight corner, weighing what it means to be a business owner and create value that matters. The pandemic has also been a time of intense self-reflection. Business owners see how they must change the game to create a brighter future. Generating impact starts by keeping your company afloat, and this is where marketing during a time of crisis becomes a necessary conversation.

A quick scroll on your social feeds will show you how several large organizations now use their marketing to create conversations that matter in the current state of the world. Continue scrolling. Do you see some of the other brands you follow appear on your feed? Do you see them building conversations in a meaningful way that brings value to both consumers and brands?

That answer is both “yes” and “no” depending upon the confidence of the brand.

Some companies view COVID-19 as screaming “pause” on marketing efforts while some see this as an opportunity to spread their wings. We are here to encourage you to lean into the latter category. This is a time for brands to level up their marketing, be fearless in sharing their products, create essential narratives, and connect with customers to strengthen relationships. It is a time for you to take that leap into marketing during a time of crisis.

Let’s get real for a minute. We know this can be nerve-wracking as we all second guess every word we share. Are you posting a photo without a mask? Are you merely talking about your newest product and disregarding people’s current emotions? You may face the brutality of instant cancel culture.

Flip the script. Are you creating posts that highlight your empathy? Are you building a genuine conversation on the pandemic? Are you talking about the value your product can bring in the current world? Now that’s what we love to hear and what we encourage you to do. Here are some quick tips to help you frame the best marketing narrative:

  • Create a genuine and empathetic voice

  • Build a supportive tone that encourages community building

  • Focus on your values and share what you hope to bring to the world

  • Don’t engage in a hard sell

  • Contribute by sharing resources that may help your consumers during a hard time

Remember one key piece of information: we are all in this together and experience the pandemic as one. Trust your instinct to build positive and powerful conversations as a way for your brand to make connections with consumers. Your customers are craving authenticity and realness. Be honest to them about your pursuit to find the best words and don’t stop yourself from marketing.

The world needs your take more than ever.

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