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Picture The Last Time A Friend Told You About A Product She Was Loving.

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Paying Salaries Or Marketing

A global pandemic has placed many business owners between a rock and a hard place. They need to turn profits more than ever, yet company budgets have all but disappeared.

What’s more important: paying a team member a salary or putting dollars into marketing spend to attract customers?

We understand the creeping feeling of anxiety when looking at that question. The best news is that there are cost effective techniques you can use to market your brand.

Here at LevelUp Social, we’re putting our efforts into helping you re-focus on marketing and build your revenue, so today we are sharing these top methods for marketing your brand with a zero dollar spend.

Encouraging Word of Mouth

If you take one thing from this article, let it be that referral marketing is one of the best tactics in the book.

Picture the last time a friend told you about a product she was loving. Her joy of the product infused her referral with excitement. We bet you even looked into the product. Now, imagine that happening with your brand. You create an avid customer base who tells their friends about you. More referrals leads to more website views which, naturally, leads to sales.

Utilize time working from home to focus on how referral marketing makes sense for your brand.

Personal touchpoints with your consumers makes them feel recognized, and the power in building these relationships is tremendous. Re-engage them today with email outreach and build a conversation. Customers are more likely to refer a friend to your brand because they’ve had such an amazing experience with you. Creating that experience right now is totally free.

Content Creation That Makes a Splash

Here’s another marketing fact you’ve heard hundreds of times we want to seep into your strategy. Content sticks. Oftentimes, new consumers find brands because of a web search:

  • How to crochet for beginners

  • What pan do I need to bake a great cake?

  • Top products for disinfecting your home

Each of these searches can directly lead to a new customer finding your brand. Creating content and sharing on your website and socials means you are more likely to appear on search result pages. Becoming a thought leader in your space sounds great, but the greater truth is that thought leadership becomes your direct connection to customers searching for answers to their problems.

Content creation takes one of your biggest resources – time. However, now is the time to start creating content using the additional minutes working from home and getting crafty with your space for photos, videos, and blog posts. Believe us, your time is worth being spent on connecting with new customers. Social Media Isn’t Just for Posting For our final cost effective marketing strategy, we bring a highly contested topic to the conversation: social media. Some people love it. Some people hate it. But, most importantly, all people are on it.

It’s important to have your brand present on social outlets, and one of the best improvements you can make is to stop putting 100% of your focus into posting alone. Engaging with customers and relevant brands is just as important. How much time do you allot per day for engaging on socials? Whatever that number is, we encourage you to increase it. Simple engagement methods build credibility and makes your brand more human, creating a relatable, visible voice.

The more you engage the likelier your chances are that people will click on your social profiles and find their way to your products.

You have faced a lot this year as a business owner, but that shouldn’t stop you from building the company of your dreams and creating revenue that supports it. All of the strategies above are meant to lower the amount you put into marketing, increase your time spent connecting and creating, and build your brand voice in a way that builds traction. Cost effective? Yes. Humanizing? Yes. A must do? Absolutely.

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