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The Number One Rule of Marketing

Our team recently discovered that around 4 billion people are on social media. That is billions of digital lives that are accessible online for your brand to connect with every day.

You probably knew that number was high, but did you realize it’s about half of the world’s population?

For marketers, that information can be overwhelming. You try to make a splash through digital marketing techniques yet are regularly pitted against the competition.

We’re going to make that an exciting number for you to tap into by sharing how consistency will allow you to stand out, engage more, and make the most of your marketing efforts. Continue reading to find out about the power of showing up for your brand.

Why Consistency Is Important

Social media channels, search engines, and other digital outlets run on algorithms. These determine how a post is shown, how often an account appears, and where those accounts materialize in a long line of others.

Simply put, algorithms rule the digital landscape. Having your brand consistently post and engage positively impacts how the algorithm ranks your brand. This is true across social outlets, and each has a particular frequency you should be aiming for on a weekly basis.

Consistency is key to building your brand marketing in a way that puts you at the top of the algorithm, and this doesn’t need to be a time consuming activity.

Showing Up with a Weekly Plan

Consistent posting is the best tactic you have to build your marketing, but it can also seem unattainable. How many of you think consistency equals daily excellence?

The good news is that showing up weekly for your brand doesn’t have to be all-consuming.

You’re hustling daily to build your brand, and marketing in a consistent fashion can be scheduled in a way that won’t strap you to a computer. Here are a few of our tips that will ensure easy, non-consuming completion:

  1. Try to post on your preferred social channels 3 to 4 times a week, and repurpose content in a thoughtful manner.

  2. Push live one new content piece on your website weekly that is SEO focused (keywords are your friends).

  3. Make dedicated time in your weekly schedule to engage with other people’s content on socials.

Consistency doesn’t mean every day; it means upholding your external brand voice and making a splash with your audience a few times a week. Give it a try and see how your customer audience grows.

How SEO Plays a Part

You’ll see SEO mentioned above in this article, and it’s a topic that deserves several articles of its own. For quick understanding, SEO affects how you appear in search engines which directly impacts the awareness and credibility of your brand.

You want to jump on the SEO train ASAP.

The content you push live plays a major role in your SEO ranking. Building articles with target keywords in mind means your brand is more likely to end up on the first page of a consumer’s search engine.

Add an SEO-focused blog post into your consistency goals (one a week) that covers relevant and popular topics to your brand.

There is no doubt someone is looking for a how-to that fits your company, so why not build your thought leadership in the space while connecting searchers to your products. It’s a win-win situation.

Upkeeping Your Brand Marketing

You may hit some road bumps as you begin your journey into consistent posting, but we promise you it’s possible and crucial for your company’s marketing. Build these tips into your weekly strategy, and the consistency fairies will go to work pushing your posts higher on search engines and social feeds.

Need some ideas on what to post? You can find other articles for your posting inspiration on our blog!

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