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We craft powerful digital marketing campaigns that grow your business.

A culture that embraces rigorous and data-driven decision-making will elevate a business on multiple levels to get results for what is at the heart of every primary business objective: growth


We Understand

The challenges of business ownership; Being your own boss is a dream many of us have. Not included in that dream are all of the challenges that come with being the boss. 

There are long days, sleepless nights, and the juggling of limited cash flow. Not to mention all the hats you must wear to make things happen. You become customer service, sales, operations, and whatever else it takes to keep your business going.

However, with the challenges comes the joy of seeing your dream come to fruition.

Maybe that's not your story, but it's mine.

Why LevelUp Social

Working in sales and marketing in the hospitality industry for twenty years, helped me find my love for marketing. I would get excited thinking of ways to create experiences for travelers. Personalizing business travelers stays so they felt like they had a home away from home. Creating packages for families exploring a new city would get my creative juices flowing. It was invigorating! 

That passion is still alive today. I push my team to think big and boldly, to challenge the status quo. I encourage them to share every idea and as a team we build on them! We give our all to every client because we know first hand how hard it is building a successful business.

This is who we are. LevelUp was built on integrity. We'll never compromise your brand or our beliefs. Your Dream. Our Mission

-Wendy L. Smith


With the best recommendations come the most sales! Level Up your revenue and make customers satisfied. Our focus is not just on sending emails, but on providing the right information to the right audience.

Social media

The data super highway. Social media is so much more than cute puppies and memes. Social Media offers valuable data on your targeted audience. With 2.7 billion monthly users on Facebook, reach them as they scroll, live stream, or playing games. Social platforms offer extensive reach for any size business and budget.



SEO Marketing, no doubt, is the bedrock of online marketing. It involves optimizing your website and its content for search engines like Google, Bing, etc., for greater visibility and searchability.

Customer - Centric Marketing

What we do best

We know your consumers expect increasingly personalized experiences in their brand interactions.

Making this happen requires the development of an internal culture rooted in innovation and experimentation. This is who we are.

We use data to understand your consumer. Our campaigns are created to make educate, engage, and excite each consumer.

Data removes the guesswork. Our proven strategies and processes deliver results.

The customer journey is complex, interdependent and changeable, but most companies have not adapted, retaining rigid, layered structures. Selling to individuals demands flexibility in marketing and fulfilling with product. Customers should be at the center of this effort, not at the end of a chain of static marketing events.

Advances in artificial intelligence and more specifically machine learning enable better personalization and raise the stakes for brands that don’t take advantage.


In earlier days, the mantra of digital marketing was “the right ad to the right person at the right time.” The modern emphasis on the whole customer experience is expanding that idea. Today’s goal is individual service at scale, which demands data and automation.

We're On A Mission; Literally!

Giving back is just one of the amazing things we do here at LevelUp Social. This was a school in Costa Rica.

Creating Experiences

Digital Channels Eliminated Data Barriers

Mobile and search technology have changed the way people consume. The modern shopper lives in an age of instant gratification: they want it now, and they want it personalized. And if a brand doesn’t deliver a tailored experience immediately, consumers will find a brand that does.

Lagging companies must realize that in the context of modern marketing the words “data” and “the customer” are synonymous. Putting the customer first means putting data first.

We’ll take your business to the next level, with our proven customer centric strategies, latest technologies and engaging creatives that work to produce the best possible outcome.

We’ll take your business to the next level, with our proven customer centric strategies, latest technologies and engaging creatives that work to produce the best possible outcome.

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Understanding your customer is key

Know who they are and what excites them




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